Red Team: Cyber Attack Simulation

How strong is your defense?

SYON Security's Attack Simulation offering performed by our Red Team provides customers with insight into their organization’s real cybersecurity posture. By utilizing real attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures, SYON can simulate threat actors who are targeting your organization. This particular offering aims to answer the following common questions:

  1. Can a hacker break into my organization and steal our crown jewels?
  2. How are our current cybersecurity investments doing?
  3. What level of sophistication is required for the adversary to hack us?
  4. How are our detection capabilities?
  5. Will we know if we get hacked?

SYON traverses the cyber kill chain and utilizes techniques such as spear phishing and zero-day vulnerabilities to target your organization – just like a real threat actor would. At the end of the assessment, not only can we provide answers to the above questions; we can also begin to plan your organization’s one year, three years, and 5-year cybersecurity strategy.

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