About SYON Security

SYON Security Ltd is located in Hong Kong. SYON was established to combat the limited supply of highly advanced security services within Asia Pacific - more specifically, Hong Kong. From traditional Penetration Testing, to full Red Team Cyber Attack Simulation, SYON understands the threats targeting your business and can provide a real, practical approach to security. Traditional Penetration Testing services have long since degraded to technical auditing of systems and does not provide executives with an understanding of the Cyber Security posture as a whole. SYON boasts a world-class team that is ready to assess your organization's capability to defend against Advanced Persistence Threats (APT) and provide recommendations to improving the overall Cyber Security strategy of your organization.

The Directors noticed a lack of highly professional, yet sophisticated Cyber Security services within APAC, and even more so in Hong Kong. SYON observed a large uptake in strategic project requests from within Hong Kong and therefore established a team to achieve a set of goals to increase the overall awareness, understanding, and community within Hong Kong, and APAC. SYON has nurtured, trained, and maintains a world-class team of Cyber Security professionals that serve the APAC region.

Due to the highly sensitive nature, and in order to obtain a position of trusted advisor, SYON wishes to differentiate from our competitors by ensuring strict guidelines for customer data protection. SYON is led by research and development and keeps our consultants up-to-date on modern threats, and advanced techniques.

SYON hires the most technically capable consultants who are passionate about Research and Development, and actively contribute to the Cyber Security community.

"We prepare organizations for the inevitable battle against incoming cyber adversaries."


SYON Security Ltd

Gaylord Commercial Building,
114-118 Lockhart Road,
Hong Kong

Office: +852 8192 6888